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Picturing-Life is your premier team of experienced English-speaking photographers and videographers, specialising in delivering top-notch corporate Photography, Videography, and Photo Booth services.

With a decade of unwavering commitment to excellence, we’ve been the trusted choice for a diverse clientele, including companies, professional firms, public institutions, event organisers, and private businesses.

Based in Paris, our reach extends to major European cities, catering to discerning clients who seek exceptional visual storytelling for their corporate events, awards ceremonies, expos, fairs, and trade shows.


Crafting Timeless Memories

Celebrated for our unmatched expertise and rich experience, our devoted client base stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Their unwavering satisfaction with the quality of our work has made us the go-to choice for corporate photography in Paris, and other major European cities.

In a world where time is an invaluable commodity, we understand that every moment counts. Our clientele, ranging from board directors and executives to dedicated entrepreneurs and institutions, appreciate our ability to craft compelling images, often with rapid turnaround, even under the most stringent deadlines.

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Ensuring Excellence from Start to Finish

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Understanding Requirements

We initiate a detailed discussion to thoroughly comprehend your specific needs and expectations for the event. This step ensures that we align our services with your vision and objectives.


Strategic Consulting

Leveraging our expertise, we provide strategic advice on the most effective approach and services required for your event. Our focus is on offering solutions that best match your corporate goals and event scale.


Flawless Execution

On the day of the event, our skilled team is fully prepared to deliver top-notch photography and videography services. We work diligently, ensuring every significant moment is captured in line with the pre-defined requirements.


efficient delivery

Post-event, we provide a swift and efficient delivery of high-quality photographs and videos. These are made accessible through a secure online gallery, which offers convenient sharing and selection options, catering to your need for ease and accessibility.

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corporate photography
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Your Trusted Partners for Corporate Event Coverage

We have nurtured enduring partnerships with leading Public Relations consultancies and design agencies, offering top-tier business photography and video services for their clientele. Our adept team thrives under pressure, consistently delivering exceptional results.

From small enterprises to the largest organizations in France, a diverse array of businesses entrusts our accomplished team with their high-impact projects. Our clientele for corporate and commercial photography extends to smaller companies, private equity firms, legal practices, accounting firms, and a wide spectrum of private enterprises. What unites our clients, regardless of their size, is their demand for captivating and innovative photography, delivered with unwavering punctuality.


Catering to Your Headshot and Portrait Needs

At Picturing-Life, we specialize in supplying headshots and portraits tailored to your exact specifications. Our substantial experience in collaborating with senior executives from some of Europe’s largest enterprises has honed our ability to make the most of their valuable time.

With a rich portfolio of thousands of successful shoots, our team excels at suggesting a variety of setups, angles, or locations to ensure that we capture the perfect photograph of the subject, perfectly aligned with its intended purpose.

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Making it Work

Bringing over a decade of expertise to the table, our team is your trusted advisor for every facet of a photographic project. This encompasses orchestrating expansive shoots involving numerous participants, wardrobe selection, and coordination of hair and makeup services. Furthermore, we’ve cultivated an extensive network of trusted professional partners, readily accessible for our clients’ event planning and logistical needs.

In addition to our photography prowess, we excel in location scouting, offering insights into both indoor and outdoor settings that authentically convey a company’s corporate narrative. We collaborate closely with marketing and PR experts to ensure a seamless visual representation of your brand.

Versatile Corporate Photography Services

At Picturing-Life, we embrace a diverse array of corporate photography assignments, extending our expertise to encompass every facet of your visual needs. Our work spans all varieties of photographic projects, from Paris to other major French cities, and we’re equally adept at capturing events in London and various UK locations.

What sets us apart is our exceptional flexibility. We excel at organising photo shoots on short notice, effortlessly adapting to changes in location or venue, and ensuring that your vision is seamlessly realised.

Company event photography and videography. Roaming photographers for product launches, company parties, business conferences award ceremonies, and more 

Our clients often commission Picturing-Life Photography to attend company awards. These are typically black-tie evening events which are self-hosted by companies to reward loyal employees at a prestigious annual celebration. 

For events like Expos, Fairs, and Trade shows we can provide coverage for single exhibitors as well as for the whole expo organisation.

Photo-Booth for corporate events, corporate parties, and exhibitions

Architectural and Interior photography of corporate offices, and new buildings

Product and commercial photography, for new products for websites, social media and printed PR or advertising materials

Hospitality photography services for hotels, resorts, and rental properties