Architecture and Interior Design Photography

Our team can be commissioned to shoot offices, hotels, new or renovated houses/apartments, schools, museums, restaurants, stores, and virtually any building imaginable. We often work with architects, interior designers, or advertising agencies to produce work that can appear in both the architectural and interior design press. Our photos are often also used in the architects’ and interior designers’ portfolios.

We are passionate about helping companies and freelancers in the construction industry document their projects across Paris and France. Building their brand recognition, boosting their work reputation, and helping them win more high-value bids is our primary goal.

Our photographs have helped and continue to help construction firms both nationwide and around Europe to build case studies of their completed projects, bid for tender applications in the construction industry, complement commercial advertising campaigns, apply for architecture and design awards, and generally raise the awareness of their brand internationally.

What is Architecture Photography?

Architecture photography (or Architectural Photography as is sometimes called) is a photography subgenre that depicts manmade structures, like buildings, to emphasise their design and architectural and other characteristics. One of the main goals of architecture photography is the accurate representation of the subject while also capturing the design and the structure in an attractive or aesthetically pleasing composition for the viewer’s eyes. At the same time, the goal of an architecture photographic project might be to enhance certain aspects of the building, like its size, position, shape, etc.

Different architectural styles determine the aesthetics and composition of architectural photos

Different architectural styles determine the aesthetics and composition of architectural photos however, using different equipment like various camera lenses or lighting techniques, photographers constantly vivify the genre with unique styles, settings, and novel approaches as well as merging their unique representation style with the building’s character.

Architecture photography can show either the interior or the exterior of structures, or both. Interior architectural photography, which is closely related to interior design photography, highlights the positioning of objects in a room or other internal spaces. Interior photographers commonly use additional light sources besides the natural light transmitted through windows.

On the other hand, exterior architectural photography features the exterior of the building and sometimes also incorporates the surrounding landscape or structures into the image. This genre highly depends on natural light during daytime or takes advantage of the street, neon, or other exterior lights when shot at nighttime. The choice can be made by the photographer based on the specific goals of the architecture photography project. What is more, exterior architecture photography is not limited to shooting from ground level (the “human eye” perspective), since elevation and higher vantage points can provide photographers with unique shots and allow them to show the world around us from breathtaking perspectives. In modern days, drone photography can be also used for this purpose with more and more architecture photographers incorporating the use of drones in their workflow.

The language of modern architectural photography developed in the 1940s, and many photographers continued this paradigmatic relationship between image, as a mediator of ongoing construction, and architectural ideas and solutions. Even though today the area in which this style of photography plays the most important role is in business – as it facilitates building strong brands for architecture firms and freelance architects while editorials are inevitable vehicles for showcasing their works, there is a new generation of contemporary photographers who bring unique perspectives to the genre, expand on its established visual language and pursue architectural photography as an independent art form.


And what about interior photography?

Interior photography (or interior architecture photography) is a photography subgenre that is primarily used in design magazines, real estate sites, and home rental platforms. The subjects vary from elegant shots of living rooms to close-ups of exquisite furniture, like chairs, tables, sofas and armchairs. Apart from being a proper photography field on its own, knowing how to shoot an interior is essential for a wide number of other fields, including real estate photography, and architectural photography.

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