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    Our founding team

    Zoé Psaroudaki

    Lead Photographer | Co-founder

    Zoé is an experienced photographer and entrepreneur with more than 15 years in the industry. She founded Picturing-Life in 2010 and has shot more than 400 events since. She recently co-founded Picturing-Media endeavouring into different kinds of photographic assignments.

    She continues to strive for a perfect visual result and she is constantly experimenting with new techniques and equipment.

    She was trained in the techniques and aesthetics of photography during the last years of high school and she learned to work in analogue photography techniques, colour slides and darkroom.

    She gained a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Plastic Art & Photography at the University of Paris VIII and a Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Paris X. She worked for 2 years at the Magnum Photos agency in Paris and as a photographer in many private studios and agencies.

    Harry Lensman

    Harry Lensman

    Lead Videographer | Co-founder

    Harry is drawn to all things related to Videography and production but occasionally enjoys other aspects of visual arts as well.

    In another life has been trained as an engineer and holds a PhD in applied physics. This is why his approach to the visual arts is what we could call “scientific”, with extreme attention to detail and a result-oriented mindset.

    In reality, his passion is project management but he still tries to hide it, rather unsuccessfully.

    Petros Psaroudakis

    Photo Booth & Drone Expert | Logistics Management

    Petros is a natural-born handyman. Nothing is too complex or challenging for him to construct!
    His hand-made Photo Booths are one-of-a-kind, wooden, elegant, and unique.

    And he also loves flying… drones!