Corporate Event & Conference Photographer Paris

Corporate Event & Conference Photographer Paris

The team of Picturing-Life is frequently commissioned as a corporate event photographer / roaming photographer in Paris. Our work ranges from new product launches and leadership events to joyous celebrations such as staff parties or special anniversaries.

We work discreetly, blending into the background using our well-honed reportage photographic skills. In this way we make guests feel special but not at all self-conscious. No one likes being blinded by an unexpected camera flashing in their face. So it’s important to achieve stunning photographic results with a sensitive use of flash or even with no flash at all.

In modern business, the fast turnaround of images is essential. After taking natural, unposed photographs at your corporate events we follow a rapid delivery process. We process the photos and upload a wide selection to an online private gallery. Through this gallery, you and/or your clients can select the images to download or share on social media while the event is still fresh and buzzing.

Corporate Event Photographer Paris

Corporate events, from product launches, fashion shows and major exhibitions, through to drinks and Christmas parties: we’ve photographed them all! We aim to capture on camera genuine photographic decisive moments where guests and members of staff are interacting naturally, looking happy and enjoying the occasion, whatever it may be. 

Business Conference Photographer

Many of the events we cover take place at Paris hotels or prestigious specialist venues. Our team often works with very tight timetables to which it has limited access before events start. And getting great photographs under these circumstances requires lots of experience!

At new venues, where we haven’t worked before, we recce them carefully several days before the event. We work out the best lighting options and camera angles for the best results. Our goal? Photos that will showcase presenters on stage to their best advantage. For audience photos, we use our extensive reportage experience to capture on camera their genuine reactions.

Company Awards Ceremonies

Our clients often commission Picturing-Life Photography to attend company awards. These are typically black-tie evening events which are self-hosted by companies to reward loyal employees at a prestigious annual celebration. 

Company awards ceremonies are also organised at top Paris hotels, by press or trade associations. In such events, the organisers recognise top industry performers for their achievements.

For anyone receiving an award, it is a very special event. For our team of professional event photographers, time is always of the essence. Usually, only 10-20 seconds per award recipient are available to capture them at their best. Again, we will work before the event starts with the organisers to establish the best photographic angles and other logistics.

IPO & Flotation Photography

Companies want photographic records of the momentous day when their shares first float on the stock market. We will document the day with reportage photography, capturing the highlights in a series of individual and group shots, including the moment when the shares first start to trade.

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