Corporate photo booth

Photo booth for company events in Paris
A Photo Booth can turn your company event into an unforgettable experience!

Photo Booth for corporate events in Paris

What matters most when you’re planning a fabulous corporate event? That it will leave your guests talking for months, or even years to come!

What makes special events… special? We think that it is the experience and the memories that they create! For how long do the guests remember it? For how long and with what feelings?

But for an event to be unforgettable, it needs something special that goes beyond time and place. It needs the magic of photos that makes memories last long after the fact. That’s where a photo booth comes into play!

At Picturing-Life we work exclusively with Picturing-Photobooth to provide premium, hand-made professional photo booths for corporate events in Paris and all around Île de France and surrounding departments.

We cover all kinds of corporate events, parties, new product launches, and special celebrations! No event is too large or too small, and no theme is too wild!

Contact us to discuss your event and how we can make it unforgettable!

We do corporate Photo Booths differently!

But what exactly does this mean? It means, that we take your fun seriously!

Our premium services differ from other similar services, in two ways:

  1. We use only professional photography gear and studio lighting. The result? Beautiful photos, like the ones that you would get in a photo studio. We do not use webcams or tablet cameras that produce low-quality images.
  2. We dedicate some extra time to properly retouch the photos for you to receive a unique result. 
  3. One (or two!) members of our team bring the Photo Booth to the venue and set everything up. They stay with you during the whole event and are ready to solve any problems that may appear. They also assist your guests with using the photo booth when needed. You will not need to set up or troubleshoot anything on your own! At the end of the night, they take care of dismantling the photobooth so you don’t need to worry about anything.

We also offer Online Gallery & Social sharing functionalities. The photo booth is connected to the internet through a 4G connection so there’s no need for a wifi connection at the venue. Your guests can instantly share photos on social networks and/or by email. Moreover, all photos will be available on an online gallery with protected access and downloadable for you and your guests!

Eco-friendly Photo Booth

Print only when you really need to! 🍃

As an extra option, we offer instant, high-quality printing for our Photo Booths. 

We use only high-quality thermal printers that require the least amount of resources with no sacrifice in the results. We take great care in having rapid printing speed and great colour reproduction.

Our print templates are fully customisable. We can add your company logo, the theme of the event, and a QR code pointing to the online gallery, and arrange all elements in any way you want.