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An experienced team for corporate events that delivers results

Picturing-Life is commissioned by leading firms and institutions as a corporate event photographer in Paris. We cover all kinds of corporate events, from new product launches and leadership events to joyous celebrations such as staff parties or special anniversaries.

Our Approach to Corporate Event Photography

We work discreetly, blending into the background using our well-honed reportage photographic skills. In this way, we make guests feel special but not at all self-conscious.

No one likes being blinded by an unexpected camera flashing in their face. So it’s important to achieve stunning photographic results with a sensitive use of flash or even with no flash at all.

Beyond Event Coverage: Photography as a Strategic Asset

For you, photos are a means to an end. You want to promote your event, engage wider audiences, or build your brand image. And all these can’t wait.

In modern business, the fast turnaround of images is essential. After taking natural, unposed photographs at your corporate events we follow a rapid delivery process.

We process the photos and upload a wide selection to an online private gallery. Through this gallery, you and/or your clients can select the images to download or share on social media while the event is still fresh and buzzing.

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Prestigious venues

Many of the events we cover take place at Paris hotels or prestigious specialist venues. Our team often works with very tight timetables to which it has limited access before events start.
And getting great photographs under these circumstances requires lots of experience! At new venues, where we haven’t worked before, we recce them carefully several days before the event.

“Thanks so much for the photos, they are AMAZING!”

Sarah – Don’t Panic Projects

“The team was absolutely fantastic at last week’s event. They were incredibly professional and really helped bring the evening to life. The feedback has been brilliant and the photos are a lovely memory for the guests.”

Anna – Director

“The team was excellent to work with during a networking event we hosted on a Peniche in Paris. We hired them for photography, videography, a photo booth and the results were exactly what we wanted.”

Umar – Request Finance

Tailored Photography Services for Every Need

The customisable nature of our photography services caters to the specific needs of a diverse portfolio of corporate clients. Whether it’s capturing candid moments at a company retreat or formal shots at an award ceremony, our services are tailored to meet diverse requirements.

Moreover, our wide profound experience in corporate event coverage, with different corporate cultures and in different settings, leads to successful results every time.

Diverse Corporate Events in the Heart of Paris

In the vibrant landscape of Paris, Picturing-Life is at the forefront of capturing an array of corporate events with unmatched versatility and finesse.

From the intimate ambience of executive meetings to the grandeur of large-scale industry conferences, our expertise adapts seamlessly to every event scale and setting. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our photography and videography services to the unique demands of each event, whether it’s a discreet boardroom gathering or a bustling trade show.

Our extensive experience across diverse corporate events in Paris allows us to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, delivering images that perfectly encapsulate the essence of each occasion. With Picturing-Life, every corporate event is an opportunity to showcase the dynamic and multifaceted nature of your business in the heart of one of the world’s most iconic cities.

The Impact of Photography on Corporate Branding

At Picturing-Life, we understand that in the heart of Paris, a city synonymous with elegance and prestige, the impact of professional photography on corporate branding is profound. Our expert photography and videography services are more than just a visual record; they are pivotal in elevating your company’s professional image.

We specialize in capturing the essence of your corporate events, translating fleeting moments into powerful narratives that resonate with your brand’s values. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that every image reflects the sophistication and excellence that your events demand.

Let us help you transform your corporate branding through the art of visual storytelling, showcasing your brand against the backdrop of one of the world’s most prestigious cities.

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Crafting Stories, Building Brands

Photography and videography are essential elements of effective corporate branding. They are the tools that shape how the world sees your brand. Read More