Hospitality Photography in Paris

So what is Hospitality Photography? Hospitality Photography is about more than simply taking pretty pictures of your hotel.

Hospitality photography captures the very essence not only of a hotel or a resort but every aspect of the hospitality industry. It brings out the intangible qualities of the place, and its people, allowing your potential clients to imagine what it would be like to feel this experience.

With the rise of hotel bookings on digital platforms, travellers often base their decisions on photographs and videos posted on the hotel’s website or online media. It is thus vital for your pictures to encapsulate the beauty and atmosphere of what your business brings. This can start by showcasing key aspects of the establishment, such as its natural surroundings, luxury amenities, or beautiful architecture.

But it is essential to also visualize the experience that you offer, and this is the most difficult and important part. Hospitality photographs should bring together the intangible qualities of the space by setting the mood, allowing guests to see what they are buying, and getting your hotel’s soul to reach their hearts.

Why Hospitality Photography is more than just pictures

Hospitality photography needs perfect pictures therefore, it is of utmost importance to invest in a professional hospitality photographer to bring out the best side of your hospitality establishment. So how can a hospitality photographer achieve that?/list

  • A hospitality photographer will be able to photograph all rooms, amenities, and public or private spaces to an incredibly high standard.
  • A hospitality photographer will be able to photograph the food in a way that makes your guests drool in desire.
  • A hospitality photographer will be able to provide high-quality professional headshots and environmental portraits of your management and staff.
  • A hospitality photographer must be able to create high-quality, attention-grabbing lifestyle photography.

These points are essential but are not enough. A high-quality professional hospitality photographer knows that there is more to their job than just taking pictures. And this is precisely what we know best at Picturing-Life photography.

  • This is why we will take time to understand the overall brand, voice, ideal client, etc.
  • We will discuss with the marketing and management team how the photography will integrate into their marketing plan.
  • Discuss the hotel’s Social Media, Print, and Email Marketing strategy and find the right photographic approach to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Research how the hotel’s existing paid advertising is performing and how could new images assist in this.
  • Discuss how the new images could help keep guests from booking via Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) on re-visits.

With a multi-year experience in various strong markets in the hospitality industry (notably in Paris, France, Athens, Greece, Cyprus, and Balcans), the team behind Picturing-Life can guarantee a result that will be worthy of your time and dedication.

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