Professional Portrait Photographer Paris

Paris businesses need professional portraits of their staff to appear on companies’ websites, in annual reports, brochures and marketing materials. The styles taken by our photographers range from reportage or documentary photographs to more formal set-piece images and conform to the brief discussed with and then supplied by the company to Picturing-Life.

Portrait photography in Paris offices

An office setting can be a useful ‘stage’ for portrait photography that showcases colleagues at work. We will assess the look and feel of your office, work out the best angles and lighting options, and take test shots to ensure the office background doesn’t distract or confuse the image’s message. Above all, we like to be discreet, taking photographs without getting in the way of anyone’s work. Sometimes we can produce fabulous pictures by featuring the Paris skyline or rooftops through a window or from an office balcony. Reception areas can provide a modern feel in a new building where there is often plenty of light and space.

Professional portraits that are taken outdoors

Settings, whether indoors or out, are important factors in any corporate photographic assignment. Our outdoor photographs around Paris, place the subject in the foreground, but our shots will also include buildings or landscapes in the background that help communicate something extra about the company and its positioning or create more visual interest and excitement. Other European cities provide interesting settings and context for images and are popular locations with companies wishing to demonstrate the global nature of their business.

Reportage style photography

Increasingly popular, many corporate photographic assignments require unposed photographs to capture the essence of colleagues going about their normal day-to-day day work. 

We work unobtrusively, quickly and discreetly, using natural lighting or flash only where strictly necessary to take our photographs without disturbance. We create reportage photography that is natural, fresh and unstaged.