Rental property photographer

Rental property photographer

Are you renovating your apartment? Do you want to rent your property on Airbnb? Using the services of a professional rental property photographer is the best way to rent your property quickly and attract high-quality tenants.

Why use a professional rental property photographer when renting my apartment?

When you plan to rent your apartment or any other property it is of utmost importance to attract from the get-go the attention of potential tenants. And this is true whether you are listing your property on an online platform like Airbnb or a local renting platform. A professional photographer knows very well how to present your property to point out its merits. She can give to potential tenants an excellent overview of all the available spaces, in a way that correctly and accurately represents your property.

Professional rental property photographers can help you gain more inquiries from prospective tenants. Attractive images that are likeable and shareable on social media help to increase the chances of the advert landing in front of your perfect tenant. And getting more people to love the pictures of a rental property will help the home rent faster!

Professional rental property photographers know what the tenants are looking for

When professional rental property photographers take pictures of a rental property, they look at it through the lens of the target renter’s desires. They think of how the customer will view the lighting, colours, furniture, and décor in the rooms. They also look at what the customer would like to see in the rental.

A very important aspect is to retain the original geometry and relative size of the windows, furniture, and all spaces. In this way, tenants will be able to better understand how they can fit their furniture and equipment in the case of an unfurnished property.

In the case of a furnished property, the correct representation of size is important to avoid giving the impression that the property is smaller than in the reality. And this is something that we commonly see on online platform listings. The misrepresentation of space is a common problem when not working with a professional photographer.

Professional photographers vs amateur photographers for rental photo projects

Professional rental property photographers understand lighting, interior design, colour psychology, and the behaviour of colour in both digital and analogue mediums. And they use this knowledge to create the perfect images for a rental. That is why a professional photographer may take several hours looking for the perfect shot!

This is why when amateur photographers or the owners themselves take photos of a rental, the results are far from ideal. A professional photographer will be able to correctly light the space, creating the right atmosphere. At the same time, she can make sure that all the qualities of the property are represented. This also affects the accurate colour representation. This is important in online listings, it is absolutely necessary when we are talking about printed material. For flyers, promotional prints, printed catalogues, etc. the experience and equipment of a professional photographer are non-negotiable. She is trained and experienced in producing photos that are meant to be printed and can guarantee the correct colour representation in the printed format.

How to attract high-quality tenants

Potential tenants navigate in a sea of mediocre photographs every day. A rental with professional snapshots will stand out, and this is exactly what you need to attract tenants of the highest quality. Prospective tenants who see the ads will view the home as a high-value rental property. The result is you will have higher-quality tenants making inquiries about the home.

People treat their homes as status symbols, even when they are renting. A rental home that looks like it can confer status on the tenants will attract more inquiries. More inquiries mean you can minimize vacancies and maximize earnings from your property. And in the end, this is all that matters!